Sunday, September 30, 2012

Enticing Students to Becoming the Leaders of the Class

This year, I decided that my students needed to learn how to moderate as well as participate in our online activities.  After all, students love power!  So I decided to post job openings for positions such as blog and discussion thread moderator as well as peer editors and tutors.

First, I created a Google Form to entice them.  Then, I explained how these are privileged and well-sought after positions.  Soon, students were furiously typing on their iPads, wanting to be the first to apply.

These were the responses I received:

"I'm a worthy candidate for this job because I'm a good teacher and I'm patient. I can explain situations, problems, and questions well. If you're looking for someone who can work well with others, then you've found her!"

"I want this job because I am completely against inappropriateness and don't like blogs that don't have to do with learning, I pay attention to detail really good, and I know a lot of people in this class and in other classes. PLEASE PICK ME!!!"

All great reasons, but this one might be one of my favorites:  "I am suited for this job because I am good at telling people what to do."

My kids are so awesome!  But after I stopped laughing, I realized the hard part, how many out of the 45 people who applied should I pick?

Do you offer leadership positions in your class?  If so, please share what they are in the comments below.