Monday, January 21, 2013

Animation for Beginners

GoAnimate is an easy way to make video animation for your classroom.  Adding characters, dialogues, and a setting for your story takes only a matter of minutes.  They offer free personal accounts, but you can upgrade to two different accounts for more features.

Here are some ways I see how it can be used in the classroom:

  1. Math - Explain concepts
  2. Science - Present the Scientific Method on a particular question or problem
  3. History - Provide a timeline of events that led to an important moment in history
  4. English - Show character analysis or theme.  Illustrate the most pivotal moment in a novel or short story.
  5. Health - Create a Public Service Announcement on a health tip.
Recently, my students created Public Service Announcements using GoAnimate to speak up against bullying.  My detailed post can be found on GoAnimate's Educator's blog.  Click here to read it.

What do you think?  What are some ways GoAnimate can be used in the classroom?

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