Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to Use Zoodle Comics in the Classroom

Students can create their own comic strip by using Zoodle Comics.  It comes with the ability to add speech bubbles, captions, and characters.  Students can import their own images to personalize the comic strip even more.  They can use a non-copyrighted image from the Internet or take their own photos.  Just make sure they save it to the iPad's camera roll in order to import these images.  There are two versions, free and paid.  The paid version has more features, but I found the free version to work just fine for my students.

It's a great way for students to express what they've learned.  In science and math, students can explain a concept.  In history, they can depict a historical event.  In English, read on.

Tableau vivant: A group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history.

Goal:  Students will analyze a character or theme from the story they read.

  1. Students will sketch four scenes in the style of a tableau vivant from the story they are reading.  
  2. They will depict a character or a theme from the story on a storyboard.
  3. After students finish the storyboard, they need to take a photo of each tableau vivant they created.
  4. Next, launch the Zoodle Comics app and have students import their tableau vivant photos.
  5. Students will add speech bubbles and captions to explain their scenes. 
  6. Save work to the camera roll.

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